How To Save On Vet Bills And Keep Pet Costs Low

how to save on vet bills

Obviously Vet trips can be very expensive so its worth knowing how to save on Vet bills where you can. As many pet owners will tell you, it’s not unusual to end up spending hundreds of pounds a year on vet costs. We’ve experienced this ourselves with our own Dog Nala. Before the age of 1 Nala had managed to get herself covered in Bio washing liquid which gave her a skin infection, this meant antibiotics, an injection + a vet bill. She also managed to cut into her pad (still no idea how) which we were able to handle ourselves. The moral of this story is that dogs, and pets in general can get up to all sorts and trips to the vets are to be expected.

Depending on the age and health of your pet, some of you may end up paying much more than an injection and packet of antibiotics. Although sometimes a vet visit is unavoidable, there are simple things you can to to save those pennies which we’ll go through in this post.


Shop Around For Pet Insurance

Pet insurance costs can vary from £5 to £50 a month, but it can be a lifesaver when it comes to expensive operations/emergencies. Since pet insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, the best time to insure your pet is when they’re younger.

Selecting a good pet insurance provider can be the difference between paying £100 rather than £2000 in an emergency.

Don’t go with any old pet insurance provider. Try to utilise comparison sites such as Compare The Market or Go Compare to provide your quotes. Once you have these quotations, make sure the policy you choose is suitable for your situation.

Walk The Dog

Exercising your dog is important for a number of reasons, the reason here being that it improves overall health. Taking your dog out daily along with a healthy diet can make a massive difference in the furry guy’s well being. Depending on the breed of dog you may have, 1 short walk may not be enough, so bear this in mind aswell.

Walk your dog

Feed Your Pet Quality Food

One of our dogs George, has quite a sensitive stomach. When we first adopted him (he was 1) we stuck with the food he was used to but found him constantly constipated. It took some time of testing different foods with him before we found one he got on with. This is a small health issue compared to others which happen further down the road due to poor quality food. The same goes for cat food, think by investing in good food you’ll save on health bills in the future.

It doesn’t have to be expensive either, we used All About Dog Food to find the food which suits us and our dogs.

Trim Your Pets Nails Yourself

Costs can soon add up if you get your pet’s nails trimmed professionally. A money saving alternative is to get some pet nail clippers and trim your pet’s nails yourself.

How to cut a goldendoodles nails


Cutting your dogs nails isn’t as hard as it sounds. Check out our post on How To Cut Your Dogs Nails


There are many types of different nail clippers when it comes to choosing for your pet. We have tried many on our own dogs and eventually released Clipz which get the job done easily! Check them out by clicking here.



 Get It Checked Out Early

Can you save money by going to the vet more often? Definitely!

If you notice your pet isn’t himself it’s best to get it checked out early before it becomes a major and expensive problem. Not only will this save you money. More importantly, it will also give the Vet the chance to nip any potential problems before they snowball. This keeps your pet healthy and pain free which is the main goal here!

Early check up at the vets

Another point on trips to the Vets is to avoid emergency visits. Visits without an appointment or after working hours, can be costly. If your pet is very sick or injured, by all means take him to see the vet immediately. But, if he’s merely under the weather and can wait a day or so, make an appointment!

Look After Your Pets Teeth

As we’re sure you’re starting to see, prevention is better than the cure. Just like humans, your pet’s teeth also have to be taken care of. There are plenty of various dental care products for your pet from Dental Sticks to Doggy Toothbrushes. Invest a little and save on Vet bills aswell as putting your pet through Gum Disease!

Doggy Dental

Don’t Overfeed and Exercise Plenty

We know, we already mentioned exercise in an earlier point but we thought we’d touch on it hear again to reiterate how important it is! Enough on exercise for now then.

Along with feeding your pet good quality food, you also need to monitor the amount you feed them. The odd treat every now and again is fine but make sure you balance it out by adjusting their meal portions. Thousands of Vet visits could be avoided each year by  simply not feeding your pet too much.

How To Save On Vet Bills – Summary

walking the dog


We hope this post has given you a few ideas on how to save on vet bills! In Summary, it’s best to be pro active with your pet’s health if you are able to do this it will potentially save you alot of money at the Vets.

If you have questions or have something to add, leave a comment below.

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