Human Foods Your Dog Can (And Can’t) Eat

If like us, you consider your dog a family member then chances are you love giving them treats. Treats are a fantastic way for you to reward your dog for good behaviour. It’s important to note however, that some treats are better than others. While your dog may be happy to eat anything you put in front of her, it’s worth knowing what’s actually safe to feed your pooch.

Can my dog eat bread

The thing is, your dog’s body processes foods very differently than yours. There are foods which are toxic to your dog, just a few bites could leave her with anything from minor digestive problems to a major illness or in the worst cases, death.

This is obviously something which we and other dog owners never want to happen. We have wrote this post to provide a bit of knowledge on the subject and have even made a quirky illustration you can refer to. We will be covering;

  1. Questionable treats for your dog
  2. Don’t feed these foods to your dog
  3. Foods you can and can’t feed to your dog

The key is to identify which human food is good for dogs, and which is not. We’ll look at some common and healthy human food for dogs aswell as some foods to avoid. There is plenty more to the lists below, they only show some of the most common foods that we have at home.

The bottom line? Always use common sense when considering human food for dogs. If in doubt, make sure you do some research.

Questionable treats for your dog

Every ones been there, your eating some food and have your dogs puppy eyes staring at you. If your like us, you may find yourself debating whether or not you should share this with your furry best friend! When deciding which treats to share, we recommend that – “when in doubt, you leave it out.” There is no point in gambling with your dog’s health. There are foods which you will see on the “No” list that you may have heard are fine for dogs to eat. Garlic, for example. There was a time when Vets recommended small amounts of garlic for certain things such as Flea control. However, garlic is extremely controversial and today many officials label it as toxic. 

Another controversial ingredient on the “No” list is cooked bones. While you can read many stories of dogs getting on fine with these, there have been many cases of dogs being rushed into the vets for emergency surgery. That’s because cooked bones splinter when a dog chews them which result in sharp hard objects being swallowed. As you can imagine, that causes many problems.

Don’t feed these foods to your dogs

On the “No” list you will also find foods such as Chocolate, Grapes and Macadamia Nuts. There is no reason to be feeding your dog any of these foods. These foods are toxic for your dog and should never be included in their diet. Doing so can cause serious health problems or death.

Foods you can and can’t feed your dog

Now that we’ve cleared up a few of the of the foods which you might have questions on. Feel free to use this list for your reference.

Note: This is just a small list of human foods your dog can and can’t eat! As we mentioned earlier, if you have questions on a specific food, apply common sense and do some research.

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