Puppy Proofing Your Home To Make Your House Puppy Proof


puppy proofing your homeIt’s very nearly time to bring your puppy home, we’re sure your excited and you should be! But before you bring home your new furry family member you need to prepare by puppy proofing your home.

As a prepared puppy owner you have already completed your shopping for your new puppy which is great, if not be sure to check out our post!

Puppies are renowned for being curious and liking to chew things. The problem with that is they often find themselves at the vets needing surgery because they’ve swallowed something which could’ve been avoided by puppy proofing your home.

We have made an illustration for you to refer to and will go into more detail for each of these tick boxes in this post!

Preparing for a puppys first night

Hands And Knees Check

Before bringing home your puppy you should conduct a hands and knees check of the rooms your new pup will have access to.


What Do We Mean By A Hands And Knees Check?

This means getting on your hands and knees and viewing the room from your puppy’s perspective. The reason for doing so is to ensure you don’t miss anything.

How to puppy proof your home

What To Check For When Puppy Proofing Your Home?

There are several potential hazards you will need to check for. Some of these are listed in the illustration above. We’ll go into more detail below to make sure everything is easily understandable.

Rubbish Around The Bins

Bins are a mixture of weird and wonderful smells to a curious puppy’s nose. It’s important to keep them covered and secured at all times. Left to their own devices your curious new puppy could consume something toxic such as an onion, bite something sharp like a can, or swallow an object which will need emergency surgery to remove. CHECK THOSE BINS! Our dog Nala is a prime example of a pooch who does this. Luckily, we have one of those bins which reside inside a cupboard. This seems to do the trick!

Wires And Batteries

As you’re aware, puppy’s love to chew, nothing is off limits (yet). Protect your new puppy from electric shocks, burns, or worse, by using cord covers or deterrent sprays on any wires, chargers, and power cables. Additionally, a young puppy should always be supervised when not contained in their crate or play pen which we’ll come onto later. Batteries, car keys, phones and any other battery carrying device should also be put away. Aswell as being a choking risk but a swallowed battery can be very dangerous as it can cause burns to your pet on the way down.

Kids Toys

If your child is anything like ours, he/she tends to leave toys all over the place. What we found worked well was taking the time to explain to our child that we are getting a new puppy and that if they didn’t want their toys to be chewed up they had best put them away. This helped Plenty, as prevention is better than the cure. However again, is something that needs supervising as kids are just kids and overall the responsibility lies with you!

puppy chewing childs toys


Puppies tend to have sensitive stomachs. If there is food lying around the house you’ll know about it! Also, there are many foods which are toxic to dogs. Your breeder should provide you with some food to take home which your puppy has gotten used to. This food plus some treats should make up your puppies diet NOT food that has been left about. For more information on hazardous foods check out our post on this by clicking the image below.

Human food your dog can eat


Human medications are one of the most common source of poisoning for pets every year. A friends Sprocker Spaniel recently had to go into the vets as he had managed to eat a box of paracetamol! As you could imagine, they were worried sick. Ensure all medication is stored away prior to bringing your new puppy home.


Ah the shoes, we’re not quite sure what it is about shoes but dogs seem to love them. Nala was a massive fan of chewing Crocs up until recently. If you can store your shoes away where your puppy can’t get them then thats great. If you do find your puppy with a shoe, replace it with one of their toys and PRAISE them! Overtime, they will learn that chewing toys please’s you and shoes doesn’t. For more details on positive reinforcement, check out our post by clicking HERE.

Placing Out Comforts & Making Space

Nearly there! Once the hands and knees check is complete, it’s time to place out your puppies creature comforts and set some boundaries.

Setting Up Your Puppies Bed & Giving Personal Space

As we’re sure you’ll know from our post How to toilet train your puppy, We’re big believers of crate training. Before you bring home your pup, find an area where the crate can go and place the pups bed inside. Overtime, this area becomes your pooch’s personal space where he can go if he wants abit of a time out. As for the bed, when we brought Nala home she had a tendency to destroy any bed we gave brought her. This resulted in us using some old towels for the first few months which worked very well.

Setting Boundaries

We’ve established puppies are curious and like to chew things. A good way of preventing your puppy from wondering off and getting into something he shouldn’t is with a play pen. This one Here is the type of pen you should be looking at. Another good way of preventing your puppy from getting into those places he shouldn’t is with baby gates. Use baby gates to block off certain rooms and access to the stairs. Get creative with them, we actually made our dogs their very own “Harry Potter” bedroom under the stairs using baby gates!

 Cute puppy

Your Pup’s Blanket

It’s a good idea to get a blanket to your breeder days or maybe weeks before you pick up your pup. This is so that your new puppy has a familiar scent of his litter mates and is a help at night time. Most breeders would be happy for you to do this and it’s exactly what we did before collecting our Nala!

Chew Toys At The Ready

By this point you’ve now checked the house for hazards and prepared for the arrival of your pup. To stop your puppy from chewing on things which he shouldn’t, ensure you have a variety of toys available for the second your pooch comes home!

Puppy Proofing Your Home Summary

We hope that this post on puppy proofing your home will help you get prepared. Be sure to repeat all the steps above in the garden and your pup will be just fine!

If you have questions on puppy proofing your home or anything else dog, leave a comment below and we will do our best to advise.

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